The Top 5 common mistakes made with weight loss (and how to fix them!)

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that can make a big difference! Our clients have found this checklist invaluble to helping them speed up their weight loss journey.

We hope you do too. 


At Empowered Fitness we understand your struggles and we also know how to teach you to overcome them.

"Hi, I'm Amy, the owner of Empowered Fitness and also one of the Personal Trainers here.

Although fitness and nutrition is a huge part of my life now, I have previously struggled with my weight so I understand the struggles and frustrations that my clients are facing. In fact, I was doing many of the things on this checklist myself!

I know you will get better results right away if you use this checklist - my clients are testimony to that. The weight loss journey can be a bumpy ride and there could be some key things that you don't even realise are stopping you from reaching your goals. I really hope you find it useful''. 

Hilary, 50, from Bristol, used our training systems to help reach her fat loss goals.