Are You A Woman Over 40 Looking To Drop A Dress Size?

Get Back In Control Of Your Health? End Restrictive Dieting? And Workout At Home?

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  • This is for you, if you're ready to...
  • Stop gaining tummy fat and start fitting back in to your old clothes again.
  • Have better energy levels, so you can spring out of bed and take on the day.
  • Build strength, so you can start living the life you want to lead.

We’ll show you the exact steps to stop making excuses about not having the motivation, the willpower or the time to get back in control of your health, as a woman over 40.

You'll start prioritising yourself again and realise that fantastic results can be acheived at any age and from any starting point.

Caroline, 57

‘’I've lost 7kg and 11cm around my waist. Now that I have taken control of my body, I feel stronger mentally as well as physically.'’

Being accountable to someone who is my prop is the best motivation. Take your courage in both hands and do it!''

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Nicky, 49

'’I'm really thrilled. In 12 weeks, I lost 7kg and 40cm.

I am stronger and fitter than I could have ever dreamed of.

If you are unsure whether or not to join Empowered Fitness, I'd say be brave and take the first step.’’

Carol, 55

''My body shape has changed quite dramatically. I have a waist back and I've dropped a clothes size in 9 weeks.

I have a renewed spring in my step and feel energised and excited about life in general. 

I would say to anyone thinking about it to have that initial conversation with the trainer, listen to what can be achieved, believe in yourself and just do it!"

Emily, 44

" I am stronger, less tired and generally feel BETTER.

Overhauling my diet and having a regular and effective exercise regime has really evened out my energy levels  - my husband is delighted (I think) that I am now able to have a proper conversation in the evenings!

I have lost over 8kg and 30 cm!"