Join Our Free Discovery Day Sunday 19th Jan! 



• You're ready to take back control of your health in 2020. 

• You’re experiencing unexpected mental and physical changes as you get older (especially frustrating tummy fat).

• You’re confused by conflicting fitness and nutrition advice, and don’t know where to turn next.  

• You don’t have the confidence or the motivation to go to a gym on your own where no one cares about you and you feel like a wally!  

• FREE 30 Minute Semi-Private Training session - because it's fun to workout with others (Up to 4 people).  

 • FREE Female Fat Loss Seminar, so you can learn exactly what food and exercises you should be doing as a female.  

• FREE 30 Minute Self Discovery session - find out what is blocking you and holding you back (Up to 5 people) 

• Access to qualified professionals who can hold you accountable and not only help attain your goals, but teach you how to keep yourself there FOREVER.  

• Prize draw to WIN £125 of personal training - everyone who comes is automatically entered for free!

This Discovery Day is for mixed abilities so don't worry if you've not exercised since your school days! ;-) 

We're here: Empowered Fitness, 127 Duckmoor Road, Bristol, BS3 2BJ